Professional Keikyoku
Professional Keikyoku

Professional Keikyoku

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This is the latest version of the Professional model Nissin has carried for a few years now. We decided to carry the 7:3 version due to the fact that many of Nissins 7:3 act more like a 6:4. Updated materials are pretty much the primary change along with aesthetics. However, those materials made this rod slightly better. The 320 and 360 are very light in the hand with low start up inertia to begin your cast. The 390, like many rods of this length, is a little tip heavy. However, the updated materials minimalize this effect. If you want to venture out to longer Tenkara rods the 390 would be a great choice!

The action is traditional Japanese level line action. Excellent balance and dampening characteristics. Some describe these as beginners rod. We would disagree and would better classify them as a solid introduction to Japanese Tenkara. 


Length 3.15 meters

Sections 7

Collapsed length 57.57cm


Length 3.60 meters

Sections  8

Collapsed Length 57.57cm


Length 4.0 meters

Sections 9 

Collapsed Length 57.57cm