The team at Tenkara Adventure Outfitters were some of the earliest adopters of Tenkara in the United States. Even before that it was our philosophy concerning the outdoors to “use what you need and nothing more.” However, as it is with many people, it wasn’t always this way. No matter if it was hunting, fishing or recreation in the outdoors we felt a need to have the latest and greatest gear. In part, this was out of an unfounded fear that somehow, we would not be as successful or we would somehow miss out. We believed that if we did not have that one last piece of gear added to our pile, our time and success in the outdoors would be diminished.

Over time that all changed. Using what many would consider “simple gear” at first was more about the challenge. However, we quickly realized simplicity, by its very nature, invites fun and adventure over more complicated methods. We also quickly saw much better success rates. In part due to learning more. However, also because we were actually more engaged with the process then with the gear. That is when the light really went on. More time doing and less time fiddling created less stress and more success!

Tenkara is the perfect example of our “use what you need and nothing more “philosophy. At times you may need more. However, Tenkara is so fun we find ourselves almost exclusively planning our outings and testing our limits with this simple form of fly fishing. We strongly believe in the "less gear equals more adventure" message. As a result it has become our mission to outfit anglers with affordable high quality Tenkara gear. It is our sincere desire to share this lifestyle with our customers so they can create there own adventures.